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About me

Hey. My name is Martin.

I'm electronics specialist. I can create schematics, PCB design, create the PCB itself, fit it with electronic components and test it. I use Eagle for creating schematics. I've made many schematics for my own projects and also for some companies.

I'm also interested in 3D design. In the last 2 years I have created many 3D designs for my own projects, such as: project cases, 3D models of the actual product and different prototypes. For some people, who hired me, I created 3D models according to their needs.

You can view all my projects in the Portfolio section.

My skills

Schematic & PCB design


3D modeling


Project brainstorming


Web development



A keyboard holding plate / case

A weird mouse

Plotter driver board

Minimalistic tube amp schematic

Something weird

Also my art skills are amazing


Currently I'm working on a few of my own projects, which I don't want to talk about now. I will share them when ready!